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A steerable webcam pointing along my street

The webcam is pointing along my street in Croydon which is an suburb on the southern part of London (about 12 miles from the centre).  See below for a map.

To see the picture you may have to accept the offer to download the Active X control which is published by Panasonic who make the camera.

If my ISP changes my Internet address the link above may not work.  Please contact me to tell me the link is broken.  

Once you have logged on you will be able to steer the camera by using the joystick.  Please contact me to say you have been here.


About the location

The camera points out of my upstairs window.  The home position points west along Bingham Road which is shown on the map to the right.

I live in Croydon which is located on the southern part of Greater London (UK), about 12 miles from the centre of London.

In Croydon we have a tram system and and there is a tram stop (station) near the traffic light about 40m from my house.  The tram track crosses the road here and sometimes you will see a tram crossing.

Birdie cam

Some years I get birds (usually blue tits) nesting in a box in my garden.  If I get a pair this year I will add a link to the camera here.

Gwen's bird.jpg
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