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From this site you can detect meteors even in the daytime and even if it is cloudyIt uses the reflection of radar waves to detect them.

This is a live feed (approx 5 seconds delay) from a system I have at home which is detecting meteors using radar.

I gave a talk to the Baker Street Irregular Astronomers in June 2020 which explains it:

I don't always notice if the streaming fails (all too common!)  Please let me know

Other resources for people interested in setting up their own system.


Talk to BSIA 10th Birthday (27th June 2020)  (practice version)

PowerPoint used in BSIA talk

Extract of a slightly longer talk to Society for Practical Astronomy - October 2019


PowerPoint used in SPA talk (the details about detecting meteors by radar start at slide 43)


Spectrum Lab download

Spectrum Lab user manual


Collaboration Database (John Berman, who owns this site, often broadcasts a live stream of his setup)

FUNcube Dongle Pro+ site (to buy)


FCD+ Frequency Control Program


Presentation on using Spectrum Lab by Paul Hyde


Commercial aerial (OWL Yagi – made to specification)


General information


Spectrum Lab configuration file


Excel colourgram spreadsheet

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