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In 2015 we had ten eggs, 6 chicks made it to adulthood.


In 2016 we had 7 eggs.  5 hatched but only one made it to adulthood.


2017  The bird built the nest late this year. 2 fledged


2018: 9 eggs, 8 chicks.  5 made it.  Last ones fledged 1st June 2018

                                  Then a gap

2021 This year it all started later.  I thought the nest was going to be left empty.  But eventually the first egg was laid on 18th April.  By 5th May we had 9 eggs.

Of the 9 eggs, seven hatched (first one 9th May).  All seven chicks survived with five fledging on 29th May and the final two fledging on 30th May.

The birds have flown so I have stopped streaming for this year.  I will try again in 2022

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